Gambia: Investigation on 38 Containers Begins

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The Minister of the Environment, Climate Change and Natural resources Mr. Lamin Dibba has confirmed that investigation on 38 containers of wood held at Banjul Wharf has started.
The Minister said so in telephone interview, adding that the Investigation will take six weeks and that the investigation panel involves the Police and the Intelligence Services.

It could be recalled that the minister had confirmed early last month that his ministry had intercepted 38 containers of wood.

He said those responsible will be taken to court once a case is established, in order to set an example since people are transporting lots of logs without the permission of Forestry and their departments.

He remarked: “How are they transporting the timber? That’s why we want to investigate the matter?”

He said they even intercepted a container with charcoal while charcoal production was banned in this country since 1977. He said all this is happening because of the attitude of the people.

He explained that this is the reason why they have put a moratorium on all forms of timber exportation. He said they want to include the youths in domestic consumption and working on timber as finished products for export or sale in country.

By Madiba Singhateh


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