Gambia: Ex-VP Tambajang accuses Tangara, Darboe of engineering her sacking

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Former vice president Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang has accused Foreign Minister Mamadou Tangara of running a vendetta against her.

Speaking to Kerr Fatou in a lengthy interview to be aired on GRTS today, Tambajang further blamed Tangara and Ousainu Darboe for masterminding her sacking in 2018 after just over one year.

“The president said he removed me because I have written a letter to the UN signing it as acting president which was unconstitutional and undiplomatic.

Barrow said that was the advice he got from Mamadou Tangara, now Foreign Minister and the former vice president Ousainu Darboe,” she told Kerr Fatou.

However according to her, at the time, she had an issue with Dr Tangara during her visit to the United Nations to attend a confrence on the status of women.

She said the sum of $32, 000 was sent to the Gambian mission for her accommodation and transportation.

“Out of this Mamadou Tangara claimed $21, 000 was spent on vehicle rentals, an amount I found to be too high. I told my permanent secretary that he must be joking.”

“He has gone to the extent of convincing him (President Barrow) that I was in a haste for his position,” she said.

She also said she felt betrayed by the President for sacking her and believing the story that she was in a haste to take his job.

“This is the first time I am talking about this but really I felt betrayed,” she said.


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