Defence Minister: We Must RESPECT Democracy, Rule of Law

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Sheikh Omar Faye, the newly appointed minister of Defence has underscored the significance of democracy, while emphasising the need for Gambians to respect democracy and rule of law and not to abuse them.

“I have come to complement President Adama Barrow’s development goals but not to compete or to undermine his policies and development aspirations,” he said during an interview with journalists in Banjul

He added: “We are not saying people should not demonstrate. However, we must do it professionally and with respect.  I have respect for everybody. I am the minister of Defence for all Gambians irrespective of political our affiliation.”

His development aspiration, he affirmed is to work with the president in ensuring that he achieves his development aspirations for the country. He commended President Barrow for the trust bestowed on him by appointing him to serve as Defence minister of the country.

“My mission in The Gambia is very simple. I’m a Gambian and have come back to contribute my quota towards nation building and also to complement President Barrow’s development objectives.”

Defence Minister Faye added that “we need a country of peace and development which also respects the rule of law and democracy.”

“My priority as Defence minister is to work closely with the CDS of The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) in ensuring that we continue to enjoy the peace and stability that the country is known for and that any action we take can be justifiable.”

He said: “We are answerable to the taxpayers. We also work closely with the civilian population. The objective of my ministry is to dialogue with the people in ensuring that they respect the rule of law.”

“Everybody has a right and responsibility, particularly the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow. As young people, we must take the mantle of leadership and work hard for the best interest of the country with peace and tranquility,” he stated.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh


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