Gambia: ‘We are not part of it’: APRC says it will play umpire role in ‘Three Years’ row

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Interim leader of opposition APRC Fabakary Tombong Jatta has said his party will play the role of referee in the three years row.

President Adama Barrow is facing the biggest threat to his rule so far following the emergence of a political movement that has threatened to force him to step down in December.

Operation Three Years Jotna Movement has said it will not allow President Barrow to backtrack on his promise of being in office for only three years. But the president has vowed he will remain in office until 2021 ‘whether one likes it or not.’

Opposition APRC on Saturday held a rally in Latrikunda where the party’s interim leader spoke on the issue saying ‘we don’t have time on the issue of three years.’

Fabakary Tombong Jatta: “When they were talking about three years and talking about free visa they were not telling it APRC people. They were only telling their people. So let them thrash it out themselves. They will not bother us with it.

“But we all own this country. We are the referee. We have the whistle. Someone said it here that APRC is golden that if we do not join forces with anyone who will not succeed. What we are saying as APRC is that we are not a part of this three years or five years. But we are Gambians and we will not allow Gambia get destroyed.

“When it is time and after the push and pull we will decide on where the truth is, what our interest is and the interest of Gambians and we then blow the whistle and say whether it is right or left and wherever we point to is where we will all head to. And wherever we join shall triumph. If we believe that three years will not work it shall end that day but if we believe that it is the right thing Barrow will leave power that day.”

By Lamin Njie


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