Gambia: Killa Ace arrested, denied bail

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Gambian rapper and activist, Ali Cham commonly known as Killa Ace, has been arrested and denied bail.

The rapper was arrested by police with dozen other youths in connection with a protest in July against the death of a Sierra Leonean national, Ousman Darboe.

Darboe, a 33-year old businessman was arrested by the police Anti-Crime Unit and detained briefly.

Darboe later died after his release.

The youths said the asthmatic patient was tortured while in police custody.

The protesters burnt the house of the head of the police Anti-Crime Unit, Gorgi Mboob.

The Unit’s headquarters at Bijilo was also reportedly attacked and during the protest a police station was also destroyed at Bakoteh.

Killa Ace’s close associate Yusef Taylor confirmed his arrest to The Standard yesterday.

Taylor who has visited Ace at the Brusubi Police yesterday said he was arrested with at least over a dozen people.

“I visited him this morning at the Brusubi Police and he is in a very good mood; he looks very strong because to him he is fighting for the right cause.

But personally I think the police’s refusal to give bail goes to show how much young people in this country are viewed by our government,” he said.

The Standard has contacted the police spokesperson who claimed not to have any knowledge obout the arrest but promised to find out and get back to us which he did not do until press time.

By Omar Bah


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