Gambia: Gambians vow to defend Barrow 5 years term

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Hundreds of people on Saturday gathered at the Samega Janneh Hall, opposite Buffer Zone in the Kanifing Municipality, vowing to defend Barrow’s five years constitutional mandate.

Organised by the ‘Gambia for Five Years Campaign,’ the forum was aimed at enlightening the public on the need to support the president’s five years mandate and also to encourage Gambians to make efforts towards the maintenance of peace and stability in the country.

The movement’s officials also vowed to continue sensitising the people across the country in contrast to ‘Operation 3 Years Jotna’ movement.

Ebrima Sory Bah, secretary general of Gambia for Five Years Campaign, spoke at length on the need to defend Barrow’s five years term and the significance of peace and stability in the country. “It’s of paramount importance to dialogue with all stakeholders so as to nurture peace in the country.”

Muhammed Fofana from Peace and Conflict Resolution dwelled on the importance of peace, adding that no nation can achieve it desired goals in the absence of peace and stability, thus he called on Gambians to jealously safeguard the peace and stability that the county is known for.

Fofana also made references to his experience in the Rwanda Genocide. He therefore, called on politicians to make efforts towards the maintenance of peace and also to complement government’s efforts towards this crusade. He urged the media to also take center stage in the maintenance of peace through their various media platforms.

Babucarr Suwareh, retired educationist, who is also part of the council of elders of the campaign, preached peace and togetherness in the country, adding that it is the only way we can attain our National Development Plan (NDP) and other government development priorities.

He urged elders in the country to join the association with a view to advocating on the need to maintain peace and stability in the Smiling Coast of Africa. “As Gambians, we need to support each other. Anything that has the potentials to jeopardise the peace that… Let us support the president to achieve his desired goals.”

He said: “When it is time of politics everybody can go to his/her respective party and campaign for the individuals he wants to support. But as of now, let’s work for the interest of the country.”

Momodou Sabally, former secretary general and head of the Civil Services assured the movement of his support for the five years as dictated by the constitution, while urging Gambians to turn a deaf ear to the ‘3 Years Jotna’ campaign.

Author: Momodou Jawo


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