Gambia: How GSM Providers are now helping Police Catch Thieves

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As the crime rates escalate to unprecedented levels, so is the Gambia Police Force stepping up its game to salvage the nation from the claws of the undesirable elements in the society.

The GSM providers are playing a crucial role in this crusade as the Police can now rely on them to provide mobile caller locations in theft cases.

A source close to the Police Headquarters in Banjul revealed that significant progress has been made in nabbing criminals especially those that are seasoned thieves due to the cooperation they get from GSM companies.

The past few months have been like nightmares for many people whose properties have been scavenged by criminals and there are calls for more security surveillance in areas prone to such attacks.

These sophisticated measures in place by the police are a strong warning signal to criminals and potential or aspiring criminals that they are being closely monitored.

In the new Gambia according to a police officer, security is one thing that they put a high premium on and will not be compromised.

Source: What’s on Gambia

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