President Barrow’s leaked e-mail to Hon. Halifa Sallah

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Hi Halifa,

I am writing this e-mail myself, President Barrow. This not written by any of my staff in my office. This is me, President Barrow.

How are you and madam?

In your interview with journalists yesterday at the airport, I heard you say you going to respond to my press release against you. Please Halifa don’t do that. Mai was behind the press release but it was written by one of my permanent secretaries called Lamin Ceesay. I was not happy about it.

Halifa, I will never ever disrespect you. Like I told you during our last meeting at the National Assembly, I can never pay you back for all the support you offered me and my team during the presidential campaign.

Please Halifa, don’t disclose what happened before, during and after the formation of the Coalition. I will call you one of these days we talk. Please, don’t do that.


Source: What’s on Gambia

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