How lying to BBC ruined Silky Crise’s music career

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Silky Crise had a wonderful start in his music career, but following his infamous interview with the BBC, he gradually faded away from the limelight.

During his interview with the British public service broadcaster, the singer made some pretty large claims about the role he played during the political crises that brought an end to Jammeh’s 22-year-old rule.

He claimed his song, Red Card , was used by opponents of the former president during last year’s presidential campaign.

“People started using it during the campaign. Red Card is like a national anthem in Gambia, everybody knows the song,” he told BBC.
Shortly after the interview was published online, many Gambians took to Facebook calling Silky out on his lies.

A source disclosed that he struggled to handle the backlash of negative responses from Gambians and that is why he reportedly decided to take a hiatus from music.

Source: What’s on Gambia

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