Hamat Bah tears up while paying tribute to Halifa and Seedia

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The Minister of Culture and Tourism and the leader of the National Reconciliation Party, Hon. Hamat Bah was among the ministers that recently appeared before the National Assembly to answer questions pertaining to their ministries.

During his opening speech, the outspoken minister broke down in tears when he thanked PDOIS’s Halifa Sallah and Seedia Jatta for their sacrifices before, during and after the formation of the Opposition Coalition that successfully removed Jammeh from power.

“Madam Speaker, let me, first of all, extend my very sincere greetings to my very special colleagues, senior members of the Coalition, my partners…”

At this point, the minister began tearing up, clearly emotional over what they went through to bring an end to Jammeh’s 22-year-old rule.

He continued: “The great job and huge sacrifice, they have invested in this country in the last 24 months yielding us to the dividend that we enjoy today.  That is the member for Wuli West, Hon Seedia Jatta and the member of Serre Kunda constituency.”

He said the duo are people that he worked with closely during the most difficult time in the struggle to get to where the country is today.

“Hon gentleman, you are part of the history. You will be remembered forever.”

Meanwhile, Hon Halifa Sallah has resumed his European tour after a short break to attend National Assembly sittings. He will be having meetings with Gambians in England and Belgium.

Source: Whats-on-Gambia

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